Butta Butta Cream Hair Moisturizer

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Here are 5 reasons why your hair needs Butta Butta Cream in your regimen:

  • All natural and organic ingredients…no hidden junk
  • Safe to use on babies and children’s hair
  • Seal in your moisture
  • Absorbs easily into the hair
  • Use to restore thinning edges and hair

WARNING: Once you start using Butta Butta Cream friends and family members might not be able to stop touching your hair.

So what are you waiting for? Join the other Queens who use Butta Butta Cream and LOVE IT!




Fall in LOVE with your hair again with Butta Butta Cream! If you’ve been searching for an all-natural product to keep your type 4 hair moisturized, soft, and manageable for up to 7 days, then look no further.

You deserve to feel confident and beautiful about your natural hair. Finally experience healthy hair that does not break off, tangle easily, or shed. Love your coils, kinks, and curls. Your hair can look healthier, fuller, or even longer. Read the reviews and see the incredible results others are reporting.

Butta Butta Cream Review and Demo:

This shea butter (fair trade, unprocessed and raw shea butter from Ghana) is hand melted and mixed in combination with castor oil (certified organic), avocado oil (cold pressed, certified organic), jojoba oil (certified organic), and coconut oil (certified organic) to provide your type 4 natural hair with the best nutrients possible for more growth and less shedding.

When applied to the hair Butta Butta Cream is instantly absorbed and gives you soft, shiny, manageable hair. Use Butta Butta Cream on washday, with the green house method, and as your oil in the LOC method.

NO Fragrances – NO Coloring – NO Preservatives – NO Silicone – NO Sulfates – NO Petroleum – NO Mineral Oil – NO Parabens – NO Alcohol

100% Natural – Vegan – Cruelty Free – Especially formulated for type 4 hair – Safe for Children and Babies

How to Use Butta Butta Cream:

Use Butta Butta Cream as a daily moisturizer to quench the thirst of your dry type 4 hair. It can be used to moisturize the ends of your hair and for your wash and go. It is the perfect product to use in the Liquid, Oil, and Cream (L.O.C.) method as your oil in this layering process.

1. Section your hair into 6 sections
2. Use a dime size amount and place on scalp and massage into skin
3. Depending on hair length, use a dime size amount to a quarter size amount in the palm of your hand
4. Rub your hands together to warm up Butta Butta Cream then place on the ends of your hair while working your way up to your roots.
5. For extremely dry hair, repeat this process every day.

The key to retaining hair length is moisture and strength!



If you don’t love what Butta Butta Cream does for your hair, just let me know and I’ll send you a full refund minus shipping. 

My Own Hair Growth Results using Butta Butta Cream

Please Note:

If you live in a warm or hot climate, or are ordering this item during the summer months, please be aware that Butta Butta Cream may melt in transit to you. If so, the product will appear as a liquid, just place it in the refrigerator for 2 hours and your Butta Butta Cream moisturizer will set.


Additional information


4oz, 12oz, 16oz


Shea Butter
Coconut Oil
Avocado Oil
Castor Oil
Jojoba Oil

NO Fragrances
NO Coloring
NO Preservatives
NO Silicone
NO Sulfates
NO Petroleum
NO Mineral Oil
NO Parabens
NO Phthalates
NO Formaldehyde
NO Chloride
NO Alcohol
NO Hidden Ingredients or Chemicals

100% Natural
Cruelty Free
Especially formulated for type 4 hair
Safe for Children and Babies
Made with Organic Ingredients

45 reviews for Butta Butta Cream Hair Moisturizer

  1. Kim (verified owner)

    I really like the way Butta Butta cream feels on my hair. My hair feels really soft and hydrated.

  2. Tara (verified owner)

    So far, so good. My hair is not drying out like before. Glad I purchased it.

  3. Lindora (verified owner)

    I have noticed less breakage and my hair drinks this cream up. I use it daily or every other depending on what hairstyle I have. I will be purchasing a bigger jar soon. It makes my dry 4C hair have sheen and look moisturized.
    Thanks, Lindora

  4. Rosalyn (verified owner)

    Thank you again for Butta Butta Cream. I can finally say I see a difference in my hair. It looks a lot healthier. I have been using this cream for about not quite 2 months yet and I love what I see. I went to take my client to her salon last week and her hairstylist look at me and said I love your natural. For a hairstylist to say that was truly a complement to me because I had struggle with my hair for quite a while. Using this and that product for years and hadn’t been satisfied. I am starting to retain length now since using Butta Butta Cream. I am just blown away because I’m falling in love with Butta Butta Cream. My plan is to never run out of this cream. I only use this cream on my hair. Again a huge SHOUT OUT. I wore a puff today for the first time since using the cream and I ROCK IT.


  5. Paulette Kelly (verified owner)

    I love love love My Butta Butta cream. I haven’t found a product that keeps my hair moisturized and works well with my other products until I found this product . Butta Butta cream have changed the hair game for me. I see less breakage, more coils. My hair no longer gets dry as fast as before. I can see and feel that my hair is loving this product. The fact that can use it on my body and dont get irritated is a plus. I suffer from eczema and this cream works wonders with my dry spot

  6. abike B. (verified owner)

    Love love love this!!!!!! at first I wasn’t sure how natural it would be so I only ordered the 4 oz jar. I will definitely say I just ordered my second jar which is a lot larger. This cream is amazing and has done wonders so far for my hair. My hair stays very moisturized for a week and I don’t have to keep adding moisture. I’ve also noticed just from the 4 oz jar which is almost finished, after using it for about 3 weeks, my hair growth has also increased. Definitely tells you it pays to go all natural versus buying things at the store that you can’t even read the ingredients. Thank you so much Patricia for this lovely gift to my natural hair 😁🙌🏾

  7. Michelle (verified owner)

    I use this on my 2 year old daughters hair and it works great! I also like that I’m using a product on her hair that I know isn’t full of chemicals or unhealthy for her scalp. It did take me a few uses to get that hang of getting it to melt just enough to apply to her hair but now application is simple and I love it. I’ve also had the chance to use it on my own hair and I like that its not greasy or heavy and works.

  8. Rosalyn (verified owner)

    I have been using butta butta cream for about a week now and love it already. I haven’t had to wet my hair for moisture as i normally did daily. It does lock in the moisture. I’m sure as i continue to apply it to my hair i will start to begin retaining more length and my hair will flourish. As you can see i have order my second jar already. I think i have 4c natural hair. I don’t have as near as much shrinkage as i use to since using your cream.

  9. Santosha Padfield (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Butta Butta cream on my hair and on my son’s hair for over a month now and I’m really seeing remarkable changes. Actually Patrina, the developer of Butta Butta Cream, created a hair care regimen for me with product suggestions, including Butta Butta. My hair has literally transformed from soft limp hair to softer, stronger hair. My low porosity, medium density, fine, type 4 hair is thriving and even appears to be getting thicker. I can see so much improvement that I cannot wait until this time next year! Thanks so much for your guidance and thank you for sharing Butta Butta with the natural hair community. Your desire to increase knowledge and healthy hair care practices is impressive and supported.

  10. Cody

    I love your product Butta Butta Cream and appreciate all of your hair care tips. I am actually a male but my hair is longer than it has ever been.

  11. Delores

    I ordered your Butta Butta Cream. I just want to tell you WOW. I am falling in love with this product.
    This cream worked in my hair the very first day. I know that it sounds like I’m not tell the truth. But this cream is
    absolutely amazing. I have tried a lot of hair creams, and all they ever did was dry my hair out, and when I would
    twist my hair the cream would literally come out of my hair. Sounds crazy, But that is the only way I can explain it to
    you. Thank you so much Patrina for caring for your people, you are a winner in my BOOK.

  12. Patricia D.

    The Butta Butta is very nice for my 4C hair. I use it with a greenhouse once a week and since I workout and rinse my hair between washes, after it is damp I seal with Butta Butta then too. I pay close attention to my ends so sometimes I do a version of greenhouse just on my ends. As a result I am seeing way less breakage.

    I read your blog on how treatment will make wash day easier and I actually experienced that for the first time this week. I’ve been following my new hair care regiment for about one month now. It is really paying off.

  13. Arnett

    I have been natural since April 2013, and I have struggled with obtaining a consistent moisture balance and sheen for my hair. After conducting some research, I came across Patrina’s website. I took a chance and ordered Patrina’s Butta Butta Cream Moisturizer. I didn’t see much difference after a few days of use. Patrina followed up with me to inquire about my satisfaction with the product. She also provided some guidance and reminded me of the importance of routinely clarifying my hair. I am now well on my way to having moisturized hair with a healthy sheen. Butta Cream has so many good and vital ingredients, and I am more confident that I can achieve my hair goals.

    • Patrina

      Hi Arnett, Thank you very much for your review I truly appreciate it. I’m happy to hear that your hair is thriving!

  14. Toni

    So far what I like most about the product is it is scent free and creamy. My hair feels softer and I have noticed less breakage. I love the packaging, the butta is EASY to apply, and I only need to use a small amount. The product absorbs well and lasts for several days.

  15. Patrice (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE my Butta Butta Cream! I have 4b natural hair in a TWA. I’m trying to grow my hair out so keeping it moisturized is priority for me. This cream helps me do just that. As recommended, I use it as part of my LOC routine. I’ve used shea butter before, but this stuff is super moisturizing. Keep making this and I will keep buying it!

  16. Viveen

    All I can say is Butta Butta Cream works wonders for my me. It makes my hair feel nice and soft for up to three days. This is my number one product…I love it, I will never stop using it. I need my Butta Butta!

  17. Donnetta

    First, my hair was straightened out to have my ends trimmed so I tried Butta Butta Cream on my straight hair, and it worked well. Then, I tried it on my natural, curly hair because my hair is very particular and does not like a ton of products. So, I am truly impressed. The cream is easy for me to get out and easy to apply. It even melts exceptionally easy as well. It absorbs very well. I have an extremely dry hair type that nothing in the past has kept it moist for too long. It’s the only thing to keep my hair moist for as long as it does, so I’m grateful.

  18. Nalgis W. (verified owner)

    The butta butta cream leaves my hair soft and moisturized. I love love it very much.

  19. Elnora (verified owner)

    I been using Butta butta cream for 2 months and I love the way it makes my hair feel! It’s so soft a manageable ! I would recommend this product

  20. Aleathea (verified owner)

    Love love this product. I’ve been searching for a product that keeps my hair moisturized. This is it!

  21. Janice (verified owner)

    Just received my first order of Butta Butta Cream. Love it. It is now the end of the business day and my hair is still moist. This morning, I used the layered Liquid, Cream, Oil (LCO) method which seems to work best for me. Leave-in conditioner; curl enhancing product; and the butta is the oil. I am also relieved that the smell is almost fragrance free and not too strong for the workplace. Thank you.

  22. Daria

    Butta Butta Cream is a great concoction of oils. My hair is loving it. And, while it has only been a short time, I believe that it has curtailed the breakage.

  23. Ubaida

    OMG, this is the best hair butter ever. It’s so natural and reminds me of natural shea butter from home (Ghana). Thanks, Ubaida

  24. Jacqueline

    Butta Butta Cream Hair Moisturizer is awesome my hair loves it. I love the smell, love the way it makes my hair feel and the ingredients are awesome love love love this product definitely give it a try.

  25. Fayetta

    I wanted to respond and let you know that I am truly please with Butta Butta. My hair loves it. Before I started to use Butta Butta, I was losing hair mostly in the crown of my head. Today, I am please to say, losing hair has become non-existence. The texture of my hair is healthier, softer and silky. My hair has started growing faster than ever before.


  26. Jossie

    I really love your hair regiment products. I have a 4C hair type which does not grow at all and when I started using Butta Butta Cream, it’s doing a great job to my hair.

  27. Fayetta

    Thus far, I am very satisfied with the Butta Butta product. It has only been a little less than two weeks since I started using it. I am seeing less hair falling from the crown of my hair. My hair looks healthier and feels more nourished in such a short time. I apply it daily and my hair soaks it up like a sponge. I will continue using Butta Butta Cream since I am seeing immediate results.



  28. Yolanda D. (verified owner)

    This is a miracle to my hair. I’m so glad i found this website. It keeps my hair moisturized about 3 days or so. This is my second time purchasing this product. I will most definitely be ordering again. Thanks Patrina

    • Patrina

      I’m so glad to hear that your hair loves Butta Butta Cream!

  29. Robin

    So, I’ve been natural for close to 20 years. Much of that time I had locs, and that was because I did not know how to manage my loose 4C hair.

    Recently, I have tried a number of products searching for my best hair care fit. What I have noticed is that products with certain types of protein have made my hair brittle and easy to snap at the end.

    I used your Butta Butta Cream to instantly repair that damage. It absorbs easily, and my hair is left moisturized for about 3 days.

    I know it has undergone a lot of trauma since I cut my locs and picked out my hair to retain some length. However, I truly believe since I’ve stopped playing around with the wrong products, I’ll recognize growth.

    I would definitely purchase your product again. It is one of the few natural hair care products that I know benefits my hair.

  30. Theresa (verified owner)

    I received the Butta Butta Cream–Immediately tried it after I shampooed and Deep conditioned my hair, I sprayed my hair with a Mixture of aloe Vera Juice and filtered water mixed with Peppermint and Tea tree Essential oil, Applied the Butta butta Cream …Put two Side Twists on the sides of my Hair, which by the way was a bit frizzy from previous flat-ironing my hair, but I am done with the heat styling for at least six Months to a year–or maybe from now on…… the Next day, I saw No frizz when I took the cornrows down, my hair was so Moisturized –shiny and soft–…like where did the frizz go? …I ordered 2 More Jars…Thank You Patrina….

  31. Tara (verified owner)

    Full disclosure, I have only been using butta butta cream for 4 days. Yes you read correctly FOUR days. But so far it is everything. MY hair is soft, it shines, and it looks healthier in just four days.

    Although I am not big on leaving reviews of products because I recognize that every natural girl’s hair is different, however, I can say my hair in four days is soft, it shines, it combs more easily and that is huge for me.

    I will check back in two months from today and give you another update as that will allow me more time to assess the difference.

  32. Sheila (verified owner)

    I love, love, love this cream. I keeps my hair moisturized, and my skin as well. I will be using this cream on a regular basis.

  33. Cierra B.

    I have only been using the Butta Butta Cream for about a week but I see a major difference in my hair right after using it on wash day. The cream is very easy to apply. My hair loves the cream and stayed moisturized for days and I didn’t even have to re apply it. I am definitely adding the Butta Butta Cream to my hair regiment. It works wonders on my hair. I have even told my natural friends about it.

    Thank You,

    Cierra B.

  34. Charmaine T.

    Butta Butta is everything you said it was, I have notice less breakage, hair is retaining moisture and I think it’s growing and yes I will be purchasing some more.

  35. Liza (verified owner)

    Third day using it and omg my hair loves it. My curls were so dry and frizzy before with undefsofterined curls well let me tell you my hair has been revived. I have no more dry frizzy unmanageable hair now my curls are moist not dry or frizzy and even softer defined curls. People keep asking where I went to do my curls and are surprised when I tell them I did with the new natural cream I ordered & share your site with them. Thank you so much patrina i will definitely be ordering more

  36. Vivian (verified owner)

    Butta Butta Cream is a miracle from Patrice. My curls love it and my hair stay moisturize for days. And a little goes a long way. I will definitely be purchasing this product again and again.

  37. Toya (verified owner)

    Love the butta butta cream so much it keeps my hair soft and moisturize also my body too thanks patrina

  38. Carolyn C. (verified owner)

    Been using Butta Butta Cream for about a week now, my hair loves it, so I’ll continue using it.

  39. Megan C. (verified owner)

    I am in love with this product. I purchased the butta butta cream during the Mother’s Day special and try it on my hair during wash day. I did the loc method on my hair and plaited my hair in four huge plaits and let it air day with the plaits in. I took my hair down two days later and I was completely blown away by how much my hair was moisturize. I use this product along with flax seed oil but my hair frizz up in humid weather. My hair is more manageable with this product. I will definitely be buying more this product in the near future and a bigger jar of this product as well.

  40. Alecia E

    I started using Butta Butta Cream a few days ago and love the creamy consistency. It feels light and absorbs so easily on my 4C hair and my skin. I’m wearing wash n goes and I pair it with CurlMix flaxseed gel. The best thing about Butta Butta is that it’s all natural and I love the ingredients. I’m loving Butta Butta! Thank you!

  41. Joscelyn

    I love this cream. I can see a difference in my hair already. My hairline(edges) are very thin, can I use it on the edges?

    • Patrina

      Hello Joscelyn, YES! you can use it on your edges and your hair. Since I included castor oil to the mixture it will help with hair growth as well.

  42. Alicia (verified owner)

    Love love this product. Took my dry frizzy curls to soft shiny curls after one use. I would definitely recommend for others to try. I just wish i could buy a bigger container. Im definitely purchasing again.

    • Patrina

      Thank you! I’m working on get bigger containers for you guys!

  43. Diondria M. (verified owner)

    I love this cream. I wish I had ordered more at the special price. Works excellent for total Body, from the top of my head too the bottom of my feet. The cream warms to your natural body temperature and you skin absorbs it beautifully. No more dry, itchy, crack skin!!

  44. Kiarra (verified owner)

    I Love This Cream , I Definitely Recommend This To All Natural People

  45. Natrice (verified owner)

    My Butta Butta Cream is the best cream I’ve used to date! From the moment, I heard about Butta Butta Cream, I knew I wanted to try it.
    It’s natural ingredients is a savior for my hair and skin.
    I must say after a few days use, my hair became softer and more manageable, completely different from the way my hair felt before which was dry and brittle.
    My hands and feet also adore this All in one product. It spread like butter over my cracked and dry skin. After a few days of using Butta Butta Cream, there is a noticeable difference in the appearance of my hands and feet. They are softer and have a natural glow.

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