Patrina - Creator Butta Butta Cream

Hi, my name is Patrina and I’m a natural hair coach and the Founder and CEO of Natural Hair Queen.

My goal and mission are to teach and encourage women to incorporate healthy hair practices into their hair care regimen. I aim to create a space for women to speak about their hair struggles as we work together to incorporate hair practices that will promote healthy hair, growth, and manageability.

I have been natural for 12 years my hair started at earlobe length, and is now waist length. My journey didn’t start out in the natural hair world, I’m actually a classically trained Public Health researcher. With my time in my profession, I worked with top Universities and government officials and decided to turn a new page in my book after the Obama administration ended.

12 years ago, I was fed up with my short and dry hair so I began to explore healthy hair care practices. I was tired of wearing weaves and hair pieces. While on my quest to healthier hair, I came across a whole community of naturals who had long healthy hair. As I studied their hair practices, and products  I began incorporating this into my own hair care regimen. With the change in my own hair regimen, I noticed my hair was becoming fuller, breaking less, and growing like never before. As others took notice of my own hair transformation I became a healthy hair coach to the women and children within my community. I began my Healthy Hair Consultation Service to reach more women who were struggling with their hair. My mission is to help educate women on healthy hair care practices so they are empowered to make informed decisions on the needs of their hair as well as hair care products.

Fast forward to the present day, once I started to read and research ingredients used in African American hair care products geared toward women and children I was appalled at what I found which is why I started to make my own hair care products. The first product was whipped shea butter with added oils now called Butta Butta Cream. I knew I needed to find all-natural pure ingredients for the sake of my hair health. Once I found the right mixture of ingredients my hair became moisturized, manageable, soft, and longer. So I know for a fact it’s due to using more natural ingredients and my own Butta Butta Cream. Currently, I am working on more hair care products. Click here to buy Butta Butta Cream

Hair Growth Progress using Butta Butta Cream